Mini Cheesecakes with Strawberry and Rose Coulis

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你身上是什么喜庆的今年菜单?Hopefully plenty of delicious and warming meals that will make you so happy you won't be able to stop celebrating and eating!我决定做一个小的今年有点不合常规塔金my turkey with cranberry and brussels sprouts.I have no idea how this will turn out because I haven't tested it yet but I am confident it will taste really really good and the 必威特别投注recipe will be on the blog soon.

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I decided to use cream cheese AND mascarpone because mascarpone adds a soft and less acidic dairy taste to the cheesecake.They also have an almost 1:1 crust to filling ratio because in my opinion there isneverenough crust when it comes to cheesecake.

这些迷你蛋糕是简单而丰富的奶酪蛋糕,可以完全自己享用。但是因为假期快到了,我想让它们看起来和尝起来会很好fancy.And that's what the strawberry and rose coulis is there for.The rose water taste is very subtle and adds this little plus that makes all the difference.

Mini Cheesecakes with Strawberry and rosewater coulis


Makes 6 mini cheesecakes

  • 90g digestive biscuits (approximately 10 biscuits)
  • 50g unsalted butter
  • 捏肉桂
  • 捏盐
  • 200克全脂奶油干酪
  • 150克马斯卡彭
  • 110 gr (1/2 cup) caster sugar
  • 1汤匙柠檬汁
  • 1.5茶匙香草精
  • 2 teaspoons powdered gelatin
  • Chopped strawberries for garnish
  • Dried rose petals for garnish


  • 200克去壳草莓
  • 3大勺白砂糖
  • 1汤匙鲜榨柠檬汁
  • 2茶匙玫瑰水




•您需要一个迷你芝士蛋糕/松饼烘烤罐。You can either use a silicon pan or a pan with removable bases.Divide the biscuits crumbs and place at the base of the pan holes using your fingers or a spoon to flatten the crumbs.放在冰箱里直到可以使用。

•在大碗中,transfer the cream cheese,mascarpone,sugar,柠檬汁和香草精。Use a large mixing spoon and stir vigorously until smooth.或者,you can also use an electric mixer.

• Dissolve the gelatin powder with 2 tablespoons of hot water.离开2分钟让明胶冷却。不要超过2分钟,否则,明胶会凝固,你就不能把它和奶油奶酪锉刀混合。Progressively add the gelatin to the cream cheese mixture and stir vigorously.

• Fill the holes of the pan with the cream cheese filing and place in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight to firm up.

同时,prepare the strawberry and rose water coulis.把草莓放在食品加工机中加工,直到你得到一个果泥的稠度。把草莓泥放进筛子里筛去种子。

•在一个深锅中转移草莓泥,糖和柠檬汁用中火加热10到12分钟,经常搅拌,直到香豆变厚,减少一半。一旦准备就绪,stir in the rose water and set aside to cool.