Rose Harissa

我敢肯定你们都知道哈丽莎。哈里萨辣酱是下一个沙拉酱。By that,I mean the chili sauce you're going to want to splatter on all your foods.

Harissa is a hot paste/sauce that contains mainly chili peppers,red peppers,garlic,salt and olive oil.  Across North Africa,你会发现根据地区(或家庭)的不同,哈里萨有很多变化,因为有些食谱包括草药和香料。必威特别投注

In Morocco we like our harissa pretty basic,我们通常不会在调味汁中加入太多的香草和香料,所以我们可以把它添加到任何一餐中而不会产生口味冲突。

That said,I read about rose harissa the other day and I thought,试试不酷吗?事实是,我喜欢做出不同寻常的成分组合,味道很好吃,第二个事实是,在博客上添加粉红色的成分让我非常兴奋!!

So,结果。令人惊讶的是(或不是!)it tastes fabulous!!

The aroma of the rose petals brings a sweet and subtle perfume to the bright and spicy taste of the chili and red bell peppers.我今天午餐吃了一些汉堡。I added a spoonful of harissa to my yoghurt/mayo sauce.真是太神奇了,打算再吃一次晚餐!Not a second burger,当然……谁一天吃两个汉堡?!!


Rose Harissa



  • 500 gr red bell peppers
  • 1到4个辣椒(任何类型),这要看你要多辣
  • 5瓣蒜瓣
  • 4汤匙橄榄油和更多用于保存
  • 4汤匙干的或新鲜的(可食用的)玫瑰花瓣,地面
  • 1茶匙盐或更多
  • ½ teaspoon rose water




•  In a roasting tray place the red bell peppers,辣椒和大蒜。Make sure the skin side of the peppers is facing upwards because you don't want their flesh to over-dry in the oven. Drizzle with olive oil (about 2 tablespoons) and place the tray in the warm oven for 1 hour.After one hour,你的胡椒看起来应该有点皱。把盘子从烤箱里拿出来冷却。

• Once the peppers and the garlic are cool enough to handle,把它们切得很细,或者用食品加工机加工。Heat a large deep pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil over medium-low heat and place the chopped/processed bell peppers,chili peppers and garlic in the pan.Leave and stir occasionally until there is no more liquid in the pan.我们要把混合物晾干,把胡椒里的水全部蒸发掉,大约需要45分钟。不要盖锅盖,否则液体不会蒸发。一旦锅里不再有液体(除了油),加入玫瑰花瓣和玫瑰花水,静置5分钟,偶尔搅拌。

•Transfer your harissa in a sterilised jar and leave a bit of room in the jar to top the harissa with olive oil. Olive oil will act as a natural preservative.关上罐子,place the jar in the fridge and keep for up to a month.

• Enjoy with everything!!



•  I added 4 chili peppers to my harissa and it was very very spicy.Some chili peppers are spicier than others,to be safe I advise to chop them separately and to add them progressively in the pan.